[Samba] Excruciatingly slow logoffs from Windows XP/64 [RESOLVED]

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Sun May 31 12:47:29 MDT 2015

On 30/05/15 05:55 PM, Gary Dale wrote:
> I have multiple Windows 7 machines connecting to a Debian/Jessie 
> server (4.1.17-Debian). They don't use active directory - never 
> bothered converting (why look for trouble when the existing setup is 
> working?) but do use roaming profiles. It takes them about 45 seconds 
> to logon or off, which is acceptable.
> I also have one XP/64 machine that takes a lot longer. Logons are fast 
> but logging off takes about an hour.
> When I log on with a local account, logging off is quick.
> Any ideas on what the problem might be?

Seems to be the one account. I've deleted it and things seem to be 
working again.

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