[Samba] Bash-Completion for samba-tool

Stephan Brauer sbrauer at mailbox.org
Thu May 21 14:02:22 MDT 2015

Hey list,

arriving home from SambaXP, it was really nice. That darth vader cake was
super sweet :-)

Hearing some people talking about how much they'd like bash completion
for `samba-tool`, I've put together an ugly script that does that.

It's a very dumb script (I'm boldly calling it script), but it might make
someones day a little bit easier.


It does complete commands and subcommands of two levels, e.g.

- samba-tool domain provision
- samba-tool group addmember

and so on can be completed. It also completes subcommands that are not
valid (like samba-tool gpo addmember), since I just added a bunch of text
to bash's `complete`.

On Debian it can be saved under `/etc/bash_completion.d/` (does exist at
least since jessie). A log-out/-in might be required. Or just source it.

Stephan Brauer

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