[Samba] second DC behavior when first switched off

Sam sr42354 at gmail.com
Thu May 21 09:00:21 MDT 2015

I think The problem is here, when the 2 DC are on line, and debug level 
is 3, I can see a lot of messages like :

May 21 16:52:29 S4 named[2289]: samba_dlz: starting transaction on zone 
May 21 16:52:29 S4 named[2289]: client update 
'ariane.intra/IN' denied
May 21 16:52:29 S4 named[2289]: samba_dlz: cancelling transaction on 
zone ariane.intra

I try to set transactions for DNS to "non secure and secure" to "secure 
only" on the W2003 server, without any effects...
And it can't be changed for Samba4 ( "secure only" by default ) is my W2003 server...


Le 21/05/2015 11:50, Sam a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I'm always trying to migrate from W2000 server to Samba 4.
> For doing this, I tried this :
> - install a W2003 server with AD and DNS services, join it to W2000, 
> transfer roles and after demote the old W2000 -> done
> - install a Sernet Samba4 with Bind9, join W2003, transfer all 7 roles 
> -> done ( thanks to Rowland )
> the sync process is working well in two way, I can manage DNS and AD 
> with rsat tool even directly connected on the Samba4 server
> But the samba4 server does not have a good behavior when I switch off 
> the W2003 server...
> For example in this case ( W2003 switched off ), if I try to use RSAT 
> AD user and group connected to Samba and go to the directory "Domain 
> Controllers" I see an error message "domain controllers data not 
> available..."
> and in the samba4 syslog :
> May 21 11:09:09 S4 samba[2455]: [2015/05/21 11:09:09.682170,  0] 
> ../lib/ldb-samba/ldb_wrap.c:71(ldb_wrap_debug)
> May 21 11:09:09 S4 samba[2455]:   ldb: acl_read: CN=W2003,OU=Domain 
> Controllers,DC=ariane,DC=intra cannot find attr[msDS-isRODC] in of schema
> May 21 11:09:09 S4 samba[2455]:
> It seems that it missing a Samba4 entry? For asking Samba4 too?
> Another question... How to be sure that the sync process between 2 AD 
> is fully terminated and that the servers are ready for a demote process?
> Thanks a lot!
> Sam

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