[Samba] STATUS_SHARE_VIOLATION when Read while Write on GPFS + CTDB

Alexander Gast Alexander.Gast at WDR.DE
Thu May 21 07:40:58 MDT 2015

in the following scenario I've got the Problem of "STATUS_SHARE_VIOLATION".
Client A (with User 1)  copies a file to share X. (with: DENY_NONE  0x120196    WRONLY     NONE)
Client B (with User 1) reads this file from share X (with: DENY_NONE  0x120089    RDONLY	 NONE)
Now Client C (with User 1) wants also to read this file from share X and gets the STATUS_SHARE_VIOLATION.
In the same scenario with Client D (and User 2) instead of Client A everything seems to work brilliantly.
Clients A to C are Windows Server 2008 R2 - Client D is a RHEL6.X.
The Samba-Server is a CTDB with 2 nodes. 
Samba version 4.1.11-SerNet-RedHat-8.el6 (will be updated to 4.1.17 tomorrow)
CTDB version: (will be updated to tomorrow)
The FIle-System the Share is on is GPFS in Version

The relevant File-System parmateres are -D and -k = nfs4.

Other GPFS-Samba-Parameters as


aren't set.
smb.conf: http://pastebin.com/B5RCAGfv

share definition for share x:  http://pastebin.com/YNtCR9Wb

I tried to get log files with this error, but currently the persons I need to reproduce this error aren't available so I will deliver log files, if necessary, later on. 
Older log files aren't available because of their small size and much activity.

Is there any parameter / option / switch to solve this problem? Or is it just the way the Client C tires to achieve the lock on this file?

Thanks and best regards from Cologne,

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