[Samba] preexec and msdfs proxy

Greg Enlow grenlow at hk.mailbox.de
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Thank you for you input!

We tried that already.  That, however, doesn't do the same thing.  It is then simply a DFS server and not the "magical" msdfs proxy - yes the user can now click on a link to get to the desired spot, but the proxy function _automagically_ sends the user, when they access the msdfs share, to the netapp's readonly share without the extra click.  And it is that extra click that is our show-stopper: our users have sadly over many many years used a paricular server name in their office documents & co., of course also with lots and lots of links in the documents themselves.  Presentations, speadsheet caluculations, links to other docs,  etc. will all fail.  The general managment then, understandably, forbade us from forcing everyone (1000+ people) to update their documents etc. overnight such that we had to find another solution.  Ours is to provide the orginal path (URL with old server name, redirected per CNAME) to the documents, however only as readonly.  To change the data they will have to use the new abstract name (also a CNAME) we will give them.  Both paths point to the same data, as both shares are on the same netapp, but one path is RO while the other is RW.  

We think it is kinda cool ;-)  The users know the change is coming.  They also know that their links might fail anyway, but most will still work, such that the pressure is relieved.  Those that don't will just have to be updated, forcing the users to think a bit more.  Any changes they want or need to make will have to be done using the new path, such that over time the migration will eventually fully occur.  Darwin, speaks.

Now, as the icing on the cake, we were going to inform the user of their sins when they access to the RO share, by sending them a sysadmin from hell mail, and lots of them.  Sadly, however, the preexec function doesn't fire for us.  We were really excited about all the mails we would be sending, sort of like big company sactioned spam!  ;-)  But, alas, something no worky worky.  So, that is why I am here.

'til then,
Greg Enlow

Greg Enlow
grenlow at hk.mailbox.de

On 19 May 2015, at 08:08, Daniel Müller wrote:

Just an idea:
Why dont us msdfs just pointing to the netapp with ln -s msdfs:
And in the smb.conf  ex:

root preexec= yourscript
msdfs root=yes

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On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 03:31:55PM +0200, Greg Enlow wrote:
> Hi,
> The Server to which the msdfs is pointing is a netapp. Though we
theoretically can access the shell on it then begin to mess around there, we
would really like to avoid that. Warranty and such make it a bit of a legal
issue. That is the reason we went with a separate instance in the first
place and now wonder why the preexec doesn't fire. 
> There is nothing in tmp of the msdfs box.
> Like I asked before, is this by design? If not what can we do to get
around playing with underwear of our netapp?
> Thanks!

At the SambaXP conference all this week, but I'll try and find some time to
look inside the code and let you know !

Ping me again if I haven't replied by Friday :-).


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