[Samba] How to properly demote a W2003 from Samba4?

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Fri May 15 10:12:12 MDT 2015

On 15/05/15 16:45, Sam wrote:
> Hello Andrey,
> Yes, I transfered all the available roles with the Ntdsutil command.
> and samba-tool fsmo show return all roles.
> regards
> Le 15/05/2015 17:26, Andrey Repin a écrit :
>> Greetings, Sam!
>>> Hello all,
>>> I'm always trying to migrate from W2000 server to Samba 4.
>>> For doing this, I tried this :
>>> - install a W2003 server with AD and DNS services, join it to W2000,
>>> transfer roles and after demote the old W2000 -> done
>>> - install a Sernet Samba4 with Bind9, join W2003, transfer roles -> 
>>> done
>>> At this point the sync process is working in two way, I can manage DNS
>>> and AD with rsat tool even directly on the Samba4 server... Which was
>>> hard to do this to work properly! ;)
>>> Now I can't demote the W2003 server, the only way I find is to use
>>> "dcpromo.exe /froceremoval" command... ( the alone "dcpromo.exe" 
>>> command
>>> don't work... )
>>> But now Samba4 always trying to contact the w2003 server and I can't
>>> clean the dns and active directory, I've some error for example in
>>> "domain controllers" section of the AD...
>>> if I try "samba-tool domain level raise --domain-level=2008_R2" I read
>>> "ERROR: Domain function level can't be higher than the lowest function
>>> level of a DC!"
>>> So how to do a clean demote process even manualy? ( I can't set up a
>>> fresh new AD because I have too many users profile to move...)
>>> Thanks for helping! :)
>> Did you transfer all seven roles?

Try counting the roles that 'samba-tool fsmo show' returns and then 
check what Andrey asked you. You probably haven't changed the DomainDNS 
& ForestDNS roles.


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