[Samba] Posix vs. Windows File/Directory Permissions

Sébastien Le Ray sebastien-samba at orniz.org
Wed May 13 09:30:11 MDT 2015

Le 13/05/2015 17:11, Rowland Penny a écrit :
> On 13/05/15 16:08, Sébastien Le Ray wrote:
>> Le 13/05/2015 17:02, Rowland Penny a écrit :
>>> On 13/05/15 13:38, Mike wrote:
>>>> I want to get a better understanding of what's happening between
>>>> the posix
>>>> permissions and windows permissions.
>>> Nothing happens between posix permissions (acls) and windows
>>> permissions (ACLs), they are different, see:
>> Well… Something happens since Windows ACLs are converted to UNIX ones
>> when using RSAT.
> No they aren't

Yes they are, a simple getfacl will show this fact (converted is may not 
be the right word since not all windows permissions have a corresponding 
unix one)

>> Moreover, you'll not be able to set up inital Windows ACL is UNIX
>> ACLs do not allow the configuring user to do so (which is not
>> mentioned on the wiki)
> Do you mean this line that isn't on the wiki page I posted a link to :-)
> Log on to a Windows machine, using an account to which the
> „SeDiskOperatorPrivilege“ was granted, or an account in a group with
> the granted privilege.

This isn't sufficient, try using a member of domain admins with right 
privilege, you won't be able to change permissions if the folder isn't 
owned by you

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