[Samba] preexec and msdfs proxy

Greg Enlow grenlow at hk.mailbox.de
Tue May 12 13:27:11 MDT 2015

To the powers the might be,

it seems that the "(root) preexec" function does not work when used with "msdfs proxy".  Is that just "my" problem, an error or by design?  
If it is by design, I would be curious to know why.  
If it is an error, can it be addressed fairly quickly?  
If it is none of the above, then what information will be needed to help diagnose "my" issue?

I don't have the line I use with me for the preexec, but I did attempt the example in he samba man pages 
(root) preexec = echo "hello world!" >> /tmp/mycutelog.txt
no worky worky. 

Thanks in advance!


Greg Enlow
grenlow at hk.mailbox.de

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