[Samba] smbclient 4.0.7 resolves host name to IP address for SMB2 but not NT1

Tompkins, Michael Michael.Tompkins at xerox.com
Fri May 8 12:42:19 MDT 2015

I've tried different permutations, but if I take away too many options, it fails, otherwise it always resolves the hostname to an IP address. 

I've tried disable netbios = yes, because we also don't support that anymore. I saw in the code some of the functions were checking it.

I know I the functions in question are internal_resolve_name, and I don't see it checking for any config value NOT do resolve the hostname to an IP.

In 3.6.5 we just made sure the smb.conf file EITHER had an IP or hostname because of clusters, based on the following article:

The Microsoft technet article on 2008 clusters


There must be another config value to disable the resolution to an IP address, or all cluster setups would fail. Any help would be appreciated.

- Mike

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> Second request ...
> Thank you in advance ...
> - Mike
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> We are having issues with smbclient 4.0.7 not working to clusters, because it's resolving the host name ( 'default service = dev3k1.my.domain.com' in smb.conf file ) to an IP address using SMB2, but does not do it if is uses NT1( our desired behavior ).
> Is there a way to turn off resolving the hostname in either the smb.conf file or as a command line option to smbclient using SMB2/3 ?

Have you tried messing with the "name resolve order" parameter in smb.conf to limit the resolution choices used ?

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