[Samba] 4.2.1 ./configure --sbindir & --bindir settings is different from binary?

Caesar Samsi cmsamsi at gmail.com
Tue May 5 09:28:37 MDT 2015

Hi Andrew, Andrey,

The Paths shown below is after make install.

What is configured is --sbindir=/usr/sbin and --bindir=/usr/bin

I've actually figured that out. Smbd -b reports what is the _actual_ directory it is in, not the configured path.

--sbindir and --bindir specify _installation_ path and as such, make install does copy files to the right places.

Next open issue is how to make samba start automatically at boot or using service smbd start command.

Samba is running on LinuxMint / Ubuntu which uses the Upstart init system.

How do I do that?

Thank you, Caesar.

P.S. Andrey, Thank you for the tip about sudo usage!

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On Tue, 2015-05-05 at 10:33 +0300, Andrey Repin wrote:
> > Paths:
> >     SBINDIR: /home/caesar/Downloads/samba-4.2.1/bin
> >  
> > How can I set the sbin (and the bin directory which also has the
> same
> > issue)?
> Is that before "make install" or after?
> Does it stay after install, if it is from before?

This is exactly the issue.  During 'make install' we fix up the paths to be the paths from configure.  We do it this way so that things all work during 'make test' without a 'make install'.

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