[Samba] rid and ad backends differences

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Mon May 4 05:09:07 MDT 2015

On 30/04/15 14:52, Yanni wrote:
> Hello
> Can someone please explain what is the difference between the rid and 
> ad backends in smb.conf?
> Many thanks

To use the 'ad' backend on a member server, your users need to have a 
'uidNumber' attribute in AD and Domain Users (at least) needs to have a 
gidNumber attribute in AD. These numbers need to be inside the range you 
set in smb.conf.

The 'rid' backend does not require anything in AD, the ID numbers are 
calculated for you, using an algorithm based on the range you set in 

More info here: 


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