[Samba] Domains, vpn and bowse lists (samba 4.2)

jd at ionica.lv jd at ionica.lv
Mon Mar 30 10:16:12 MDT 2015


I apologize, if the questions are simple, but its been a long time  
since I use Windows as enhanced typewriter only. The need to implement  
domain etc arose just suddenly.

I am trying to implement VPN (and succeeded to implement it), even  
able to join windows clients to the Samba AD domain over VPN, but I am  
confused by not getting the browse list of computers for the network I  
connect to. I can access particular machine or file server if I enter  
its name and I can browse through shares, if I have respective perms,  
but there is no "folder" displaying machines on-line. The locally  
placed computer displays the browse list. Connection to the site -  
symmetric 10 mbit/s. What's more confusing - I had it working, but it  
disappeared once and is not coming back.

The second question - I remember from the XP era that network browsing  
was something hierarchical - starting from the domain to groups to  
workstations (domain members). Dolphin's Samba share browser behaves  
the same, but windows (7)  seem to be indifferent to it and are  
displaying members of two co-existing domains as a disorganized  
"crowd". Should it be so or some fine-tuning is necessary somewhere?


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