[Samba] Recommended stations on a server and slave domain controller

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Wed Mar 25 14:19:45 MDT 2015

Hello Sourisack,

Am 25.03.2015 um 18:00 schrieb Sourisack PHANIVONG:
>> What do you mean with DC_SLAVE role? Multi-master replication between AD
>> DCs works for a long time.
> I would like to know if the following configuration is possible : PDC
> Samba 4 <-> DC Slave Samba 4.
> The DC_SLAVE role doesn't seems to exist for the moment.

I still don't understand what you're meaning. A trust between an NT4 
domain and AD? Replication between NT4 domain and AD? A PDC/BDC setup? ...?

In your initial mail you talked about AD. Now you're saying you have a 
PDC, what indicates that you're running an NT4 domain and not an AD.

Please give some detailed information about the goal you want to achieve.


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