[Samba] samba4 check database replication script. samba-check-db-repl.sh

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Mar 24 01:46:57 MDT 2015

Darn.. and i did really my best to put on online without any bugs.. 
Still learning ... it gets better.. 
Thanks you fof having a look, i changed the code... 

And what do you think usable for the public? 



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>script. samba-check-db-repl.sh
>On 23/03/15 10:31, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
>> Hai,
>> I have created a new script for checking samba DC database 
>> I have tested with 2 DC's , if there people with more than 2 
>DCs, and want to test for me, would be great.
>> I tested on debian wheezy, but should work on any apt-get 
>capable os.  ( but not tested )
>> What it does..
>> - auto detects the DC in you network.
>> - detects the DC met FSMO roles and compairs this db with 
>all other DC's.
>>      ( based on : 1 DC is running all the FSMO roles )
>> - compaires with different settings.
>>      samba-tool drs showrepl and  samba-tool ldapcmp 
>> - you can set these check on or off per check.
>> - automatic checks for needed programs and installs when not found.
>> - installs all needed programs without any questions asked.
>> - e-mail reporting when errors are found.  ( default only on 
>errors found )
>> - if no sendmail program is found, installs postfix and sets 
>relayhost for you if needed.
>>      postfix wil be running on localhost only
>>      relayhost is not needed if you have a "correct" dns setup.
>> - can run as cron job, if administrator password is suppied 
>in the script.
>> - run it without email address for console output only
>> - asks for Administrator password if not supplied in the script.
>> - colored output on console.
>> - can run by change-ing only the "CONFIGURED=no" to yes
>> get it here:
>> wget --no-check-certificate 
>> Let me know what you think of this one..
>> Suggestions are always welkom.
>> Greetz,
>> Louis
>Hi Louis, I am having a look at your script and I am sorry to 
>say I have 
>found a bug =-O
>Line 124:
>if [ "${SAMBA_CHECKDB_WITH_DRS}" = "no" ] || [ 
>"${SAMBA_CHECKDB_WITH_LDAPCMP}" = "no" ] ; then
>Should be:
>if [ "${SAMBA_CHECKDB_WITH_DRS}" = "no" ] && [ 
>"${SAMBA_CHECKDB_WITH_LDAPCMP}" = "no" ] ; then
>The way it is written means that if either of the two variables is set 
>to 'no', the script will print the error message and exit, I think you 
>meant if both are set to 'no'
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