[Samba] Samba 4.1 gentent, ls, no display domain user name on Primary ACDC but wbinfo -u yes

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 23 03:26:08 MDT 2015

On 23/03/15 00:55, Jhon P wrote:
> It will be necessary to join this PDC to the domain?

Firstly, it is a 'DC' not a 'PDC', there really is no concept of a 
Primary Domain Controller in active directory, other than one of the 
FSMO roles. These FSMO roles are the only differences between DCs , 
other than this, all DCs are the same (or should)

You do not join a DC to the domain unless it is a second (or subsequent) 
DC, when you provision a DC or classicupgrade a PDC, it is automatically 
joined to the domain.

> I did this once and it was not me well and I had to restore the backup.
> The samba documentation does not say anything of this.
> Remember this isnt a member server this is the PDC, on samba ACDC doc 
> say this:
> "We /*_do not recommend_* using the Domain Controller as a file 
> Server. This is due to issues with the winbind internal to the Domain 
> Controller./"
> But I also need to use it because I had no other server to use as a 
> file server.

It is not recommended, but you can do it, there are plenty of people who 
post on here who do use a DC as a fileserver.

Just how many clients do you have and what sort ?


> If there is no chance you do not want to waste time with this.
> Many thank you very much.

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