[Samba] Samba AD with external DNS server

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Mar 20 07:51:56 MDT 2015

Sven, i'll explain a bit.. 

If you use samba4 AD DC, then these are always your master DNS servers. 
this is because samba is handles the dns. 

but you can forward it, like wat i "wrongly" suggested in my previous e-mail. 
now what you can do is the following. 

SAMBADC1 => Slave DNS1 .
SAMBADC2 => Slave DNS2 .

in my case i have multiple other zones as master in "Slave DNS1" 
here i have a automaticy created zone and this zone is also as slave in Slave DNS2. 
why not by my samba, only 1 server has access to a remote network, and based on pings 
i recreate these zone.. 
Dont ask why.. but this other network does not allow stub zones..  :-( 

So for Harry.. 
( base on bind9_DLZ ) 

A suggestion is..  

Put your samba servers an other zone then you infoblox is handeling. 

set these as slave in you Infoblox 
and add aliases records in the infobox zone for needed records. 
and/or make sure you "search " in /etc/resolv.conf also has the samba zone. 

should work imo. 



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>On 2015-03-20 14:20, Harry Busch (bh at hs-furtwangen.de) wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> We have Samba4 (Sernet, Version4.1) on a Debian Wheezy 
>server. There we try to
>> use our Infoblox (It is our primary and secondary DNS 
>server) as an external DNS
>> server for the active directory on the samba4 server. It 
>doesn?t matter which
>> setup option (Samba_internal, bind_dlz, none) we use it doesn?t work.
>"Doesn't work" is not a problem description, it's shorthand for "please
>ridicule me".
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