[Samba] Samba AD DC and browsing of shares

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Fri Mar 20 01:25:19 MDT 2015

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>>> You do not have to use samba 4 to create an AD DC, you can use  
>>> samba 4 just like samba 3, as a standalone server, as a client in  
>>> a windows domain, as an NT-4 style PDC, with or without Openldap  
>>> etc, etc.
>> So, that means i can re-compile samba(4) --without-ad-dc; configure  
>> it as NT-4 style DC and have Win8.1 computers joining it?
>> All I need is to have centralized management of users and their  
>> permission in order to browse shares on samba sever (the same  
>> machine with DC) + browsing the shares and printers on domain  
>> members to which they have granted access.
>> Janis
> You can recompile it if you want to, but if you use packages from  
> your distro, you shouldn't have to. What distro are you using?

Slackware(64-14.1), so I am used to re-building things to my liking :)


P.S. If the client still wants _AD_ DC - can i just build fileserver  
using the same samba4 build I have for DC (I re-built it after  
installation of heimdal 1.5.2), join it to the domain and have the  
shares on FS browsable? Any howtos/hints for such configuration? For  
the purpose of finding the best solution I already have virtual  
network of 4 virtual machines (ADDC + 3 types of clients), virtual  
file server will be fifth.

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