[Samba] AD DC out of sync

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Thu Mar 12 17:43:31 MDT 2015

Hi Marc,

 >> The cause is that the password change didn' reach both AD DCs, but only
>> one. The other one still had the old value as could be seen by
>> samba-tool ldapcmp. Restarting the DCs and waiting for a couple of
>> seconds brings them back to sync and Windows logons work as they used to.
>> Any idea, what I should do next time to obtain valuable output for
>> debugging?
> * What Samba version are you running?

The DCs are 4.1.17-Debian.

> * How many DCs?

Just two.

> * Can you force this problem to appear?

Need some more investigation here - I did not find any way reproducible 
under arbitrary conditions.

> Just an idea: AD problems are often caused by DNS problems and we got
> the keyword "DNS islanding" in an other threat at the moment: Which DNS
> do your DCs use as primary? Their own or a different one? See
> http://retrohack.com/a-word-or-two-about-dns-islanding/

As I understood Linux resolving there is no static primary-secondary 
concept for DNS. So I'll try to remove the self-dependence altogether 
and see, if it enhances the situation.

  - lars.

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