[Samba] samba 4.1.17 on raspberry pi as ad dc - internal dns problems

Peter Serbe peter at serbe.ch
Thu Mar 12 08:56:10 MDT 2015

Matthias Busch schrieb am 12.03.2015 15:00:

> -- hostname is adserver.my-domain.local

Don't do that. .local is a poor choice. Use something different. 

> -- hosts is localhost localhost.my-domain and 
> adserver, adserver.my-domain.local

looks good.
The first thing would be to check the configuration. Please post the 
krb5.conf, smb.conf and maybe nsswitch. Sometimes it happens that 
some keytabs are not in mode 600 - check the daemon.log for suspicous 

> obviously kerberos is having trouble. however, I feel like kerberos has 
> problems because dns has problems.
> DNS itself seems not to work at all.

Yes, this is what it looks like. But You need to dig for more information. 
But the first step is to check the configuration. Regarding DNS: the 
bind backend for sure is pickier than the internal DNS... So starting 
with the internal one definitely is more convenient. Personally I prefer 
bind as I have years of experience with it (mainly under windows). But 
when I started with Samba 4.0 I had a very hard time, until the DNS 
updating process from Samba to Bind worked reliably. But the main point 
is this: I suspect Your issues stem from something not feeding DNS, i.e. 
they are located before DNS. Otherwise the internal DNS would work. 
So check the configuration and scan through daemon.log (and the samba 
logs, if something is logged here at all).


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