[Samba] aio_pthread on Debian?

Gardiner, Alex (alex.gardiner@canterbury.ac.uk) alex.gardiner at canterbury.ac.uk
Tue Mar 10 07:24:28 MDT 2015

Hello list,

I am looking to enable samba aio on my Wheezy test box (I have version 4.1.17 from back ports).

The output of smbd -b shows that the stable packages for my distro are not compiled using --with-aio-support. It appears that without recompiling I can use vfs objects = aio_pthread to achieve a similar effect?

I'm aware that this somewhat dips into Debian specifics, but I figured it would be worth asking the list. Can anybody tell me if I'm barking up the right tree?

Any guidance is much appreciated!


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