[Samba] When I want to open Samba share in Windows OS, It ask me "Username" and "Password" and repeat it. Very Emergency.

Jason Long hack3rcon at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 10 03:25:19 MDT 2015

Hello all.
I can't apply permission to my Samba Share via Windows Active directory. My Samba share is :

path = /srv/samba/demo/
read only = no
valid users = +JASONDOMAINI\linux +JASONDOMAINI\local admins
writable = yes
#inherrit owner    = yes
#inherit permissions   = yes
force group   = JASONDOMAINI\linux

I created a group in Windows Active Directory with Linux name and add my specific users in it, But above config not worked and just ask me username and password and repeat it. Should I define my Domain name with "+" sing? 

The owner of Directory is :

[root at printmah samba]# ls -l

total 4
drwxrwxr-x+ 2 root linux 6 Feb 20 05:13 demo

My Linux Box connected to Windows Domain Correctly and I can Login into Linux via AD username.

How can I solve it? 


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