[Samba] "failed to lookup DC info for domain over rpc" when joining samba4 domain

Tim lists at kiuni.de
Mon Mar 9 15:57:11 MDT 2015

Hey Richard,

you should post your debug log because your attachment has been scrubbed.

Have you checked your DNS entries? I don't know why but I had an issue some days ago that the host a entry for my fsmo DC had disappeared.


Am 9. März 2015 22:33:43 MEZ, schrieb Richard Connon <richard at connon.me.uk>:
>I have an existing samba4 domain with 2 domain controllers on different
>Both domain controllers are running samba 4.1.17
>Until recently the domain operated exactly as expected. I recently
>to join a new machine to the domain and received the error:
>Failed to join domain: failed to lookup DC info for domain
>'ADS.CONNON.ME.UK' over rpc
>I'm not sure what has triggered this change in behaviour.
>against the domain still works as normal.
>I've attached a full debug log of the domain join process.
>Anyone got any ideas where I should be looking?
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