[Samba] Samba internal DNS and Sysvol share

support at remsnet.de support at remsnet.de
Mon Mar 9 02:14:27 MDT 2015

> > 
> > My concern is that if I ping domain.mydomain.com from any of the
> > sites, domain.mydomain.com resolves to a single domain controller (the
> > first domain controller that was configured). So the clients at the
> > remote sites will be accessing the sysvol share over the VPN, instead
> > of the local copy on their local domain controller.
> > 
> > Should domain.mydomain.com not resolve to the domain controller that
> > is responding to the DNS query? Is this a limitation of the internal
> > DNS server?
> What the clients should do is use domain DFS to find a real DC,
> hopefully the local server, to access - they should not be accessing the
> realm name directly.

Andrew ,

I am shure that  the client *will* access the Domain master due IN NS  over VPN with latest samba 4.x -
due  the domain DFS  do only work - if the IN NS  exist for the samba Second DC .

secondly DC must be autorative DNS for the domain -  There is still an BUG in the soa -  marc know it.

This is one of my reasons why i asked my Questions to you to make shure that nessary DC dns entries exist.



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