[Samba] Windows XP sees fedora14/samba3 shares but not fedora20/samba4 shares

Al Schapira a.schapira at verizon.net
Thu Mar 5 10:19:42 MST 2015


A windows XP machine 'X' (the only one left in the LAN) sees all
fedora14/samba3 shares on f14 machine 'A' but cannot see fedora20/samba4
shares on machines 'B' or 'C'.

'X' can ping all of the others by name, and all of the others 'A', 'B'
and 'C' CAN see ALL of the other shares INCLUDING on the XP machine 'X'.

Machine 'X' sees the computers 'A' 'B' 'C' but when 'B' or 'C' are
clicked, 'X' tries to log in and asks for a password INSTEAD OF SHOWING
THE SHARES.  When 'A' is clicked, 'X' shows the shares.

All WORKGROUP'S are the same. All share permissions are 775.

So, why can't 'X' see the f20/samba4 shares?

Is there some change in f20/samba4 smb.conf that I need to make that
system-config-samba doesn't know about?

Please suggest things to look at, both on the f20/samba4 side and on the
XP side.

Many thanks.


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