[Samba] Windows XP sees fedora14/samba3 shares but not fedora20/samba4 shares

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 10:12:03 MDT 2015

On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 8:42 PM, Al Schapira <a_schapira at verizon.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> A windows XP machine 'X' (the only one left in the LAN) sees all
> fedora14/samba3 shares on f14 machine 'A' but cannot see fedora20/samba4
> shares on machines 'B' or 'C'.

Would the fastest, simplest, and above all *safest* solution to this
be to get rid of the  XP host? Microsoft ended all support in April,
2014, There can be software access to proprietary data, or old
permanent license on such a host, reasons to keep such a machine
alive. But it's a basic security risk on your internal network.

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