[Samba] server max protocol appropriate values

James lingpanda101 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 08:30:54 MST 2015

Using Wireshark I see the protocol used as SMB2.  Using a Windows
workstation I tested by navigating to files and folders on my member
server or to my sysvol folder on a DC.

On 3/6/2015 8:56 AM, Rowland Penny wrote:
> On 06/03/15 13:36, James wrote:
>> Hi Marc,
>>      I'm a little confused. The values I provided for client and server
>> max protocol are default values. At least according to the command
>> 'samba-tool testparm -v'. I have not explicitly set them in my smb.conf
>> file. I assume SMB3 became the default at some point with a release? I'm
>> worried now that I must make explicit changes to my smb.conf file when
>> default values are changed from a prior version. Maybe it's a bug and my
>> values should've been changed when I updated Samba when smb3 became the
>> default? I started with 4.0.0 from tar for reference. Sequential version
>> updates after that. Thanks.
>> On 3/4/2015 5:43 PM, Marc Muehlfeld wrote:
>>> Hello James,
>>> Am 04.03.2015 um 16:26 schrieb James:
>>>>      My DC smb.conf currently has the following set
>>>>          server max protocol = NT1
>>>>          server min protocol = CORE
>>>>          client max protocol = NT1
>>>>          client min protocol = CORE
>>>> Is it safe to change both the client and server max to = SMB3? What
>>>> about on member servers? Should I be concerned with anything breaking?
>>>> I'm using Windows 7 clients to authenticate against Ubuntu 4.1.17 DC's
>>>> and a Debian Wheezy as a file server.
>>> If the new protocol versions are instable, they wouldn't be default.
>>> ;-)
>>> At work I have all server (4.1.17) running on their default value. But
>>> we encountered some SMB2 caching problems. But this was client related
>>> and can be controlled via registry/GPO settings, if appearing:
>>> https://technet.microsoft.com/zh-tw/library/ff686200%28v=ws.10%29.aspx
>>> Regards,
>>> Marc
> There is something wrong here with either what the default is in
> smb.conf on an AD DC or the manpage for smb.conf
> From 'samba-tool testparm -v' :
> server max protocol = NT1
> BUT 'man smb.conf' says this :
> Default: server max protocol = SMB3
> OK, one of these is wrong, but which ???
> Rowland


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