[Samba] Wishlist.... was: Re: Calling all Samba Users: 2015 User Survey

Peter Serbe peter at serbe.ch
Tue Mar 3 15:43:19 MST 2015

I hurried through it ... and I forgot to mention one real 
pain I got: 

Demoting a defunct server left so much clutter, that it made 
me to go back to start. I don't know, whether it already is 
fixed... I can't bring myself to test it in my installation 
as I fear to ruin the running thing a second time. 

So my wish was, that the demoting process would be fixed. 

Besides this nit, Samba does pretty exactly, what it should 
do. At work as a Samba 3 like file server and at home in an 
arrangment with two AD-DCs and two member servers. :-) 
Two years ago I would have complained that the documentation 
was incomplete and some parts of it hard to understand. 
But on this side the situation had been improved by the 
effort of the documentation team, whish has done a great 
job - pretty much as the development team ;-) Thank You 
all for that. 

Best regards

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