[Samba] Attributes are base64 encoded

Jean-François Morcillo jfmorcillo at mandriva.com
Tue Mar 3 06:53:34 MST 2015

Le 03/03/2015 12:59, Tetra a écrit :
> On 02.03.2015 19:20, Jean-François Morcillo wrote:
> > – lots of attributes are base64 encode (ex: memberOf::
> >
> > Could anyone explain me what's gooing on ?
> It is the ldapsearch utility that by design shows output that contains
> special characters (like binary data) in base64 format. (So it does
> not mean it is stored in the database as base64.)
> In general this is a good thing, so it doesn't mess up your terminal
> output. (Try 'cat <any jpeg file>' to understand what I mean).
> However, I often think it would have been nice to have had an option
> to print at least what the terminal actually could show, like unicode
> on a unicode capable terminal, safely (and the rest as dots or
> questionmarks or whatever).  You don't say what version of ldapsearch
> this is, but if it is the one from OpenLDAP I believe they are not
> much interested in adding options that are not in the standard, and
> that the ldif standard says that special characters should be base64
> coded since it is supposed to be "ASCII-clean". (See e.g.
> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200807/threads.html#00251)
> So ldapsearch is not the tool you are looking for here. The solution
> is probably to use a (graphical) LDAP browser that is more versatile.
> LDAP Explorer, JXplorer, LDAP Account Manager, or (like I do) Apache
> Directory Studio.
Thank you very much I better understand what's going on.
You were right I'm using the ldapsearch from OpenLDAP, I'm switching to
another tool.


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