[Samba] POSIX-Share fails with NFS-mounts

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Thu Jul 30 10:16:44 UTC 2015

On Thursday 30 July 2015 09:28:46 Christian Keck wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm sure this must have been discussed before, but I can't find anything
> that addresses exactly my problem in the archives.
> The problem I ran into is, that a samba-share relying on POSIX
> file-permissions stops working as soon as the shared folder is a NFS-mount
> itself. In that case, it is no longer possible for any user to access files
> or folders. So in my example, if "/samba/shares" is a local folder,
> everythings works as expected. If I mount an external storage to
> "/samba/shares" via NFS, the access from the Windows clients via samba is
> denied to this share. I need to get this construct running, since for some
> reason I can't get a customized samba running directly on the storage, so I
> need to use a dedicated machine for this that mounts the data to be shared
> somehow. I'm using samba 4.2.1 here.
> Is there a solution for this?
> Many thanks in advance.

It works with a limited feature set, see 'kernel oplocks' in 'man smb.conf'.

However we do not really support this and recommend to solve it this way.

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