[Samba] cifs.ko kernel module versus smb.conf - which SMB protocol version?

Karel Lang AFD lang at afd.cz
Mon Jul 13 09:20:58 UTC 2015

Hello guys,
could someone help me better understand the mechanism of negotiating of 
the SMB protocol?

I watch closely samba list and recently there was a talk about the 
'smb.conf' parameters like eg. "max protocol =" etc. with regards to 
Windows 10 (and other windows clients of diff versions).

I read Jeff_Layton-Linux-CIFS-Client.pdf and


My question is:
1. does those parameters values (like 'max protocol') depend on the 
'cifs.ko' version and it's supported SMB version? Meaning it's pointless 
to set higher SMB value in smb.conf that the 'cifs.ko' support?

2. does samba server use the 'cifs.ko' to access linux (eg. ext4 of xfs 
FS) to serve the windows client requests?

Sorry if those questions might seam stupid to someone, i'm just mere 
admin trying to get better understanding of this mechanism.

Thank You

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*Unix/Linux Administration*
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