[Samba] Samba local user without /etc/passwd

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Thu Jul 9 08:05:10 UTC 2015

Hi list,
I have a (naive?) question about samba local users.

My system: CentOS 6.6 w/Samba 3.6, connected to an AD Domain through 

When creating a local user, I always first create a Unix user with 
passwd and then I use smbpasswd -a <unixuser> to establish the mapping 
between the tdbsam database and the local /etc/passwd file.

I wonder if, using the tdbsam in conjunction with winbind, the local 
unix user (stored in /etc/passwd) creation can be bypassed. After all, 
it's winbind's role to map "virtual" user to real unix ID.

So, my question is: there is a method to create a "virtual" user, only 
stored inside the tdbsam database, without touching the real unix local 
users (stored inside /etc/passwd).

Thank you all.

Danti Gionatan
Supporto Tecnico
Assyoma S.r.l. - www.assyoma.it
email: g.danti at assyoma.it - info at assyoma.it
GPG public key ID: FF5F32A8

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