[Samba] net logon scripts not running

Daniel Carrasco MarĂ­n danielmadrid19 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 07:31:38 UTC 2015


The samba logs shows any info?.
Are you using the script name or the full path?. You only have to put the
script name (for example logon.bat).
Can you map that drive using a GPO?, is better than use a logon script.

A suggestion is to use a GPO to run logon scripts, because you can add
multiple scripts and if you change the name of one script then you only
have to change the GPO script, instead all users logon script.


2015-07-04 5:28 GMT+02:00 Gary Dale <garydale at torfree.net>:

> I am running Samba4 on a Debian/Jessie AD DC. I have a network netlogon
> share  with a single script in it. This .bat file is referenced in the ADUC
> profile and I can navigate to the netlogon share and run it, where it does
> what it is supposed to do.
> However when I log onto the workstation, it never executes. For example,
> it maps a drive but the drive is not mapped after a logon.
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