[Samba] Clients unable to get group policy...

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Jul 3 14:59:58 UTC 2015

in the correct place as far as I can tell. In fact, the error in the
>event log says it cannot access gpt.ini, but if I click the link in the
>log, the ini file opens in Notepad, so it is accessible. This is very
>strange due to this fact. The event log error is 1058 if I recall

go correct your sysvol SHARE rights first. and reset it from within windows. 
test and keep "everyone" full acces on the share right. 
then go to the security tab, and set. 
Verificed users.  Read and execute
SYSTEM, Full control 
Administrators, Full controll 
Server Operators. Read and execute

then try from 1 pc. 

login as DOMAIN\Administrator 
try accessing  \\server\sysvol 
and try \\server.your.domain.tld\sysvol  

do they both work ? if only \\server.your.domain.tld works, 
then add the domain option to your dhcp server. and there are 2 ! domain options. 
1 for the pc and 1 for the domain search. 
whats the difference... 
pc joins the domain and wil be named pc.your.domain.tld.
pc search can be different, and this can be set wrong in dhcp server. 

test this also on the remote location. 

make a test user, set the primairy group to "Domain User" 
try above again. 

but, when i read through your mails below, im thinking almost sure your sysvol share rights are not correct. 



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>Van: ryana at reachtechfp.com 
>[mailto:samba-bounces at lists.samba.org] Namens Ryan Ashley
>Verzonden: vrijdag 3 juli 2015 16:19
>Aan: samba at lists.samba.org
>Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Clients unable to get group policy...
>The only Unix client I can think of would be the Buffalo NAS. It runs
>Samba3 and hosts various shares via SMB. DNS is handled by BIND9 on the
>Samba4 DC. DNS does work and the domain name resolves to the IP address
>of the server. DHCP is also handled on the DC. As for the 
>GPO's, they're
>in the correct place as far as I can tell. In fact, the error in the
>event log says it cannot access gpt.ini, but if I click the link in the
>log, the ini file opens in Notepad, so it is accessible. This is very
>strange due to this fact. The event log error is 1058 if I recall
>correctly. The client location is closed today, but maybe I can remote
>in and find a workstation on to test with. If I can I will post the
>exact error shortly.
>Lead IT/IS Specialist
>Reach Technology FP, Inc
>On 07/02/2015 12:26 PM, Rowland Penny wrote:
>> On 02/07/15 16:55, Ryan Ashley wrote:
>>> Rowland, here is what I found in the ldb.
>>> # record 68
>>> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-544
>>> cn: S-1-5-32-544
>>> objectClass: sidMap
>>> objectSid: S-1-5-32-544
>>> type: ID_TYPE_BOTH
>>> xidNumber: 3000000
>>> distinguishedName: CN=S-1-5-32-544
>>> # record 70
>>> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-549
>>> cn: S-1-5-32-549
>>> objectClass: sidMap
>>> objectSid: S-1-5-32-549
>>> type: ID_TYPE_BOTH
>>> xidNumber: 3000001
>>> distinguishedName: CN=S-1-5-32-549
>>> # record 73
>>> dn: CN=S-1-5-18
>>> cn: S-1-5-18
>>> objectClass: sidMap
>>> objectSid: S-1-5-18
>>> type: ID_TYPE_BOTH
>>> xidNumber: 3000002
>>> distinguishedName: CN=S-1-5-18
>>> # record 16
>>> dn: CN=S-1-5-11
>>> cn: S-1-5-11
>>> objectClass: sidMap
>>> objectSid: S-1-5-11
>>> type: ID_TYPE_BOTH
>>> xidNumber: 3000003
>>> distinguishedName: CN=S-1-5-11
>>> It appears as though they're in my database, but clients 
>still cannot
>>> update group policy. It randomly works once or twice, then 
>goes back to
>>> not working. Due to this, some workstations can hang for 
>20min trying to
>>> update all of their GPOs upon first boot. I have wbinfo working, but
>>> 'id' and 'getent' still do not work for domain users and 
>groups. PAM is
>>> setup and is pasted below to save you from asking for it, 
>should you be
>>> so inclined.
>>> # /etc/nsswitch.conf
>>> #
>>> # Example configuration of GNU Name Service Switch functionality.
>>> # If you have the `glibc-doc-reference' and `info' packages
>>> installed, try:
>>> # `info libc "Name Service Switch"' for information about this file.
>>> passwd:         compat winbind
>>> group:          compat winbind
>>> shadow:         compat
>>> hosts:          files dns wins
>>> networks:       files
>>> protocols:      db files
>>> services:       db files
>>> ethers:         db files
>>> rpc:            db files
>>> netgroup:       nis
>>> If you have any suggestions, I am all ears. If you say we 
>must upgrade
>>> to Gentoo, I have to bite the bullet and do it.
>>> One more thing. I discovered that Samba4 cannot be a master 
>browser. Due
>>> to this, workstations are randomly being elected as the 
>master browser.
>>> When that system sleeps because the client doesn't turn it 
>off, shares
>>> become inaccessible. I have a Buffalo NAS that can be a 
>master browser
>>> (Samba3 on it), but Buffalo apparently locked me out of SSH access!
>>> Could this be related?
>>> Lead IT/IS Specialist
>>> Reach Technology FP, Inc
>>> On 06/30/2015 03:50 PM, Rowland Penny wrote:
>>>> On 30/06/15 17:18, Ryan Ashley wrote:
>>>>> I hate to revive this, but before I push my client through an
>>>>> upgrade, I
>>>>> have to be sure my issue is with ACLs not being supported, as
>>>>> suggested.
>>>>> Squeeze does have ACL support.
>>>>> root at dc01:/samba/var/locks# getfacl sysvol
>>>>> # file: sysvol
>>>>> # owner: root
>>>>> # group: 3000000
>>>>> user::rwx
>>>>> user:root:rwx
>>>>> user:3000000:rwx
>>>>> user:3000001:r-x
>>>>> user:3000002:rwx
>>>>> user:3000003:r-x
>>>>> group::rwx
>>>>> group:3000000:rwx
>>>>> group:3000001:r-x
>>>>> group:3000002:rwx
>>>>> group:3000003:r-x
>>>>> mask::rwx
>>>>> other::rwx
>>>>> default:user::rwx
>>>>> default:user:root:rwx
>>>>> default:user:3000000:rwx
>>>>> default:user:3000001:r-x
>>>>> default:user:3000002:rwx
>>>>> default:user:3000003:r-x
>>>>> default:group::---
>>>>> default:group:3000000:rwx
>>>>> default:group:3000001:r-x
>>>>> default:group:3000002:rwx
>>>>> default:group:3000003:r-x
>>>>> default:mask::rwx
>>>>> default:other::---
>>>>> root at dc01:/samba/var/locks# uname -r
>>>>> 2.6.32-5-amd64
>>>>> With this information, are we absolutely sure that my 
>issue is somehow
>>>>> related to ACL's in Squeeze? The client is against 
>upgrading unless we
>>>>> have no other option, but now the problem has spread and is
>>>>> affecting a
>>>>> large number, but not all PCs at their location.
>>>>> Lead IT/IS Specialist
>>>>> Reach Technology FP, Inc
>>>> Sorry about this, but I think we are going to have to 
>start again, I
>>>> cannot remember just exactly what your problem is.
>>>> This is the result of running 'getfacl /var/lib/samba/sysvol' on my
>>>> second DC:
>>>> root at dc03:~# getfacl /var/lib/samba/sysvol/
>>>> getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
>>>> # file: var/lib/samba/sysvol/
>>>> # owner: root
>>>> # group: 3000000 --> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-544
>>>> user::rwx
>>>> user:root:rwx
>>>> user:3000000:rwx --> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-544
>>>> user:3000009:r-x --> dn: CN=S-1-5-11
>>>> user:3000016:r-x --> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-549
>>>> user:3000017:rwx --> dn: CN=S-1-5-18
>>>> group::rwx
>>>> group:3000000:rwx --> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-544
>>>> group:3000009:r-x --> dn: CN=S-1-5-11
>>>> group:3000016:r-x --> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-549
>>>> group:3000017:rwx --> dn: CN=S-1-5-18
>>>> mask::rwx
>>>> other::---
>>>> default:user::rwx
>>>> default:user:root:rwx
>>>> default:user:3000000:rwx --> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-544
>>>> default:user:3000009:r-x --> dn: CN=S-1-5-11
>>>> default:user:3000016:r-x --> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-549
>>>> default:user:3000017:rwx --> dn: CN=S-1-5-18
>>>> default:group::---
>>>> default:group:3000000:rwx --> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-544
>>>> default:group:3000009:r-x --> dn: CN=S-1-5-11
>>>> default:group:3000016:r-x --> dn: CN=S-1-5-32-549
>>>> default:group:3000017:rwx --> dn: CN=S-1-5-18
>>>> default:mask::rwx
>>>> default:other::---
>>>> As you can see, I have added some extra info, this is what the
>>>> xidNumbers are mapped from, so if your xidNumbers map to the same
>>>> 'well known SIDs' , then there doesn't seem to be much wrong.
>>>> You can check your 'idmap.ldb' file with: ldbedit -e nano -H
>>>> /var/lib/samba/private/idmap.ldb
>>>> Rowland
>> The only difference between your sysvol 'getfacl' output and mine is
>> this:
>> other::rwx
>> Mine is:
>> other::---
>> But this will probably just be down to yours having unix permissions
>> '777' on /var/lib/samba/sysvol whilst mine is '770'
>> If you do not have *any* Unix clients then when connecting to the DC
>> from a windows client, id & getent don't need to work. wbinfo works
>> differently from id & getent and as it shows your users & 
>groups means
>> this is working ok. Is there anything in the event logs on the
>> clients, I 'think' this could just be a lack of communication between
>> the client & DC, or the GPOs are in the wrong place or something
>> stupid like this. How do the clients get their dns info ? Is 
>it a time
>> problem ?
>> Rowland
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