[Samba] rfc2307 deprecated in Windows 2012 R2?

Tim lists at kiuni.de
Thu Jan 29 15:48:16 MST 2015

Rowland, you are right as always. :-) It's just an idea and I thought that Andrew could be the right one to address this.

I'm not really a programmer but I imagine that a trigger function in samba could do this.
Reading maxUidNumber and setting it when a new user is created - same with groups.
The max values could be set by a parameter while provisioning if needed.
Just an idea...

Am 29. Januar 2015 23:40:20 MEZ, schrieb Rowland Penny <rowlandpenny at googlemail.com>:
>On 29/01/15 22:27, Tim wrote:
>> @Hans-Kristian:
>> I'd like to see it. How did you automate this?
>> @Andrew:
>> In another thread I suggested to set the rfc2307 info automatically
>when a domain is provisioned with --use-rfc2307. Possibly by an
>additional parameter.
>> This would make things easier in my eyes.
>The problem with setting the rfc2307 info when the domain is
>is  what number do you start at ?
>In theory this should be very easy, just set the msSFU30MaxUidNumber
>msSFU30MaxGidNumber attributes and make samba-tool use them when 
>creating a new user/group. But this would require developer time and 
>there are probably other things that are more important (sysvol 
>replication for example).
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