[Samba] W7 client cannot adjust file permissions via ADUC

Bob of Donelson Trophy bob at donelsontrophy.net
Thu Jan 29 05:54:28 MST 2015



I have tried your various alteration suggestions and it is a "negative"

Here is the output from wbinfo -u & wbinfo -g 

root at dtmbr01:~# wbinfo -u
root at dtmbr01:~# wbinfo -g
allowed rodc password replication group
enterprise read-only domain controllers
denied rodc password replication group
read-only domain controllers
group policy creator owners
ras and ias servers
domain controllers
enterprise admins
domain computers
cert publishers
domain admins
domain guests
schema admins
domain users

root at dtmbr01:~# getent passwd Administrator

Say what, "administratorSERNAME%"? 

After running the 'generation one' script to create the member server, I
have changed nothing except the suggestions that have been made on this
mailing list. Attempting to gain access to the member server to
re-adjust the file permissions on "profiles" per the instructions on the
samba wiki. 

Please, thoughts? 


Bob Wooden of Donelson Trophy

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www.donelsontrophy.com [1]

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On 2015-01-28 13:09, Rowland Penny wrote: 

> On 28/01/15 18:55, Bob of Donelson Trophy wrote:
>> No, I did not try the alterations but, Louis had me remove the "domain users" line earlier. Put the line back in and try alterations? (If so, I will not have time until you are asleep, tonight.)
> By all means try it, you have nothing to lose :-)
> I take it that 'wbinfo -u' shows all the domain users on the member server and 'wbinfo -g' shows all the domain groups. Also 'getent passwd <domain user> shows the user.
> Rowland

[1] http://www.donelsontrophy.com

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