[Samba] sernet scripts for debian wheezy updated..

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Jan 29 03:02:53 MST 2015

Hai all, 
Base on some questions of user and some extra info i updated the base scripts. 
the scripts are found here. 
please do read:  
most important.. 
I made it more clear where to configure what.. 
1-setup-apt-debian.sh  : Added configured? message, and better comments
3-setup-network-hostname.sh :   : changed code for detecting the network interface(s) 
           Now we can detect every interface and names  and not only eth interfaces.. 
( but only tested with eth interfaces, if you use other please report you fail/success. 
4-sernet-samba-addc-debian-wheezy.sh :  'BUILTIN\Administrators' SeDiskOperatorPrivilege 
The Domain Admins are member of 'BUILTIN\Administrators'  so this is more logical to add also. 
If im incorrect here please tell me, but i think it wont harm.. 
basicly this is the most important.. 
install debian in expert mode without any software or choose only ssh server at the install of debian.
The setup is based on a very cleanly installed server and not tested an other way. 
script 0, the defaults are ok.
script 1, You must configure script 1, get a sernet account and enable it, optional set your country and proxy if needed.
script 2, the defaults are ok.
script 3, you must run it, it checks for correctness of ip/hostname and domainname.
script 4, you must configure it, and without running the above scripts first you will end up with errors. 

Thanks Rowland for improving the interface detection on the setup-network script. 
Thank you others for all input on successes and failures.. 
If you have error please report them, i'll do my best to improve them all.

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