[Samba] [SOLVED] Re: Can't get idmap_ad to work with winbind (only idmap_rid)

a.braml at buerger-energie-berlin.de a.braml at buerger-energie-berlin.de
Wed Jan 28 17:24:22 MST 2015


Solved, this time for good.

Am 28.01.2015 23:25, schrieb a.braml at buerger-energie-berlin.de:
> Which might take a while, figuring our where to put compiled binaries 
> etc.
> The stock packages are too old (no libnss-winbind for starters) and I 
> don't
> feel like registering at SerNet.
> But I have a hunch that this was why it didn't work back then - me too 
> stupid,
> not putting libs in the right directory or something like that.

Just following the documentation helps for sure. Of course a BFS Samba 
works on Ubuntu 12.04.

As to "idmap_ad on FreeBSD with Samba 4 doesn't work" - well, never 
trust a Makefile you haven't
written yourself :D

You have to select


when you do the make config in net/samba41 port directory. If you don't, 
the idmap_ad
module won't get installed. And having that one certainly helps if you 
intend to use idmap_ad...

I'll try to reach the FreeBSD Samba folks if they have any plans to move 
idmap_ad out of the
experimental stage soon (with 4.2 perhaps). Having an option for Active 
Directory client support
that's broken by default isn't likely to help you make friends.


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