[Samba] W7 client cannot adjust file permissions via ADUC

Marcel de Reuver marcel at de.reuver.org
Wed Jan 28 09:40:53 MST 2015

2015-01-27 0:29 GMT+01:00 Bob of Donelson Trophy <bob at donelsontrophy.net>:

> I have been improving my DC. I now have a DC01, DC02 and a DCMEMBER01.
> All running sernet-samba 4.1.16 on Debian 7.8.0 thanks to Louis' (old)
> scripts. (Any linux client work has gone on hold, for the moment.)
> Next step was to adjust the file permissions as instructed on "Setup and
> configure file shares with Windows ACLs". When I access the "Computer
> Management" (thru ADUC on W7 client) it informs me that I do not have
> permission to access anything on the member server and I should contact
> my administrator.
Is your W7 pc a domain member and are you logged in as domain administrator
on that Windows client?
Has the domain administrator the "SeDiskOperatorPrivilege" set? See  for
the details: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php


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