[Samba] Moving DC1 to a Virtual Machine

Paul Littlefield info at paully.co.uk
Sun Jan 25 08:01:40 MST 2015

On 24/01/15 19:38, Marc Muehlfeld wrote:
> If you want to test this before, then do this in a separated
> installation and not in production. Then you're save from any horrific
> consequences. Not if you do this in with other production
> DCs/workstations. Even if you've turned most computers off, you don't
> know what the others change in the meantime in AD (eg. machine password
> changes). If you roll-back, you can run into problems.
> Use a test installation and don't test in production.

Hello Marc

Thanks for your reply.

OK, I will take copies of real DC1 and DC2 to my VirtualBox at home... well away from the client's network.

I will then fire up and check databases, DNS, Kerberos, etc.

If they both talk to each other, and a dummy Windows PC can join the domain, am I OK to roll it out to the client's network?

Are there any other strict checks I need to do?


Paul Littlefield

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