[Samba] smbclient using SMB2+ against NetApp OnTap 8.2 anyone ?

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Sat Jan 24 08:24:26 MST 2015

El 23/01/15 a les 23:15, Robert Moulton ha escrit:

>> Or is everyone here such a die-hard Samba fan
>> they don't have any NetApp on the premises :-).
> we still have a few old NetApp devices -- no 8.x though. Virtual-machine
> "simulators" are available from NetApp, but unfortunately I think that
> some sort of support account/connection is required.

I have a netapp 8.1.1 here (not my decision) but I didn't switch to
samba 4 yet.
I have my share of problems with it and my samba managed NT domain,
problems that netapp refuses to look at because "it's not a supported
I wish I had a freenas+samba combo instead of this piece of....hardware
but, as I said, it was not my decision.

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