[Samba] No symlink support on SMB2 and SMB3?

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Fri Jan 23 12:01:58 MST 2015

The smb.conf man page explains it all:

wide links (S)
  This parameter controls whether or not links in the UNIX file system may 
be followed by the server. Links that point to areas within the directory 
tree exported by the server are always allowed; this parameter controls 
access only to areas that are outside the directory tree being exported.

    Note: Turning this parameter on when UNIX extensions are enabled will 
allow UNIX clients to create symbolic links on the share that can point 
to files or directories outside restricted path exported by the share 
definition. This can cause access to areas outside of the share. Due to 
this problem, this parameter will be automatically disabled (with a 
message in the log file) if the unix extensions option is on.

    See the parameter allow insecure wide links if you wish to change this 
coupling between the two parameters.

    Default: wide links = no

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