[Samba] No symlink support on SMB2 and SMB3?

Markus Doits markus-samba at stellenticket.de
Fri Jan 23 04:07:31 MST 2015


I am using Samba version 4.2.0rc4-GIT-4701d74.

When using a connection in protocol smb2 or smb3, the unix client says
symlinks are not supported, for example:

# mount //ip.addr/Programs ./tmp -o vers=3.0
# cd tmp
# ln -s bla blub
ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘blub’: Operation not supported

# mount
//ip.addr/Programs on /mnt/tmp type cifs

I suspect it is because unix extensions are off (there is always
"nounix" written in the mount output).
I tried the config option "unix extensions = yes" explicitly (should be
the default), but no change unfortunately.

I also experimented with the "allow insecure wide links" options and
similar candidates but had no luck to enable symbolic links (but maybe I
missed the right combination?).

When connecting with default NT1 protocol symbolic links work as expected.

Are symbolic links not supported in newer protocols anymore or am I
missing some configuration options?


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