[Samba] Debian wheezy with sernet samba AD script, new and very improved..

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 23 03:41:10 MST 2015

On 23/01/15 08:49, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
> Hai all..
> For eveyone who wants to try..
> I make a new and very improved script to install sernet samba as ADDC on debian wheezy.
> Go check it out here : https://secure.bazuin.nl/scripts/
> Now its very (very very very) ;-)  easy for everybody to setup.
> Have a look and if have have suggestions to even improve it more... mail me, or the mailing list.
> Thanks for everybody on the mailing list for suggestions and improvement.
> Greetings....
> Louis

Hi Louis, I think I may have pointed this out to you before, but you 
seem to not believe me, but this:

if [ $FSTAB_CHECK = "1" ]; then
     if [ -z "`cat /etc/fstab | grep xattr`" ]; then
     echo " "
     echo "==========FSTAB==============================="
     echo "YOUR ON ... You need to change something "
     echo "you have 15 seconds to read this"
     echo " "
     echo "please enable acl and user_xattr in /etc/fstab before 
     echo "add : ,acl,user_xattr"
     echo "after defaults and the script will remount "
     echo "starting editor, and press: CTRL+K , Y ,Enter to save it"
     echo " "
     read -p "Do you want to edit fstab now (y/n) : " FSTAB_CHECK_ANSWER
         while [ $FSTAB_CHECK_ANSWER = "x" ]; do
             echo "If you want to edit fstab now, it wil open mcedit for 
             read -p "Do you want to edit fstab now (y/n) : " 
             if [ $FSTAB_CHECK_ANSWER = "y" ]; then
                 mcedit /etc/fstab
                 mount -o remount -a
                 echo "ok, we continue, it up to you"

is not needed, what you are suggesting putting into /etc/fstab is 
this:   'defaults,acl,user_xattr'
This will get expanded to this: 'acl,user_xattr,acl,user_xattr'

Don't believe me ? open '/etc/mke2fs.conf' and look for the line that 
starts 'default_mntopts'


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