[Samba] recreating domain with existing gid and uid

Tim lists at kiuni.de
Thu Jan 22 13:37:32 MST 2015

I would do the following (and did it just to know how how it works)

Create your domain and do a backup. 
Possibly you can set up a second network with the same subnet decoupled from your existing production one. Than restore your DC as described in the wiki and switch one client in this testing network and do some tests. It should work.

I customized the original script a bit. Have a look here:


Am 22. Januar 2015 21:23:58 MEZ, schrieb Axel Kittenberger <axkibe at gmail.com>:
>On of the database files in /private was reported to corrupted by
>samba_backup, so I played it safe and spend today to redo the domain
>scratch and rejoined every pc and recreated all user and group
>And yes I did ran that hidden samba_backup thing this time right
>This one is a small domain anyway, thats why I felt it as good testcase
>go for samba4 for a chance too.
>One part of the question was tough, if it matters if one changes the
>architecture when importing a backup. or if other libs matter. Not that
>matters for my case anymore.

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