[Samba] dns/ad domain provisioning and naming

Peter Serbe peter at serbe.ch
Thu Jan 22 07:25:49 MST 2015

Sorry, I seemed to express that very misleading. 
The snippet below aimed at an additional Bind server, 
that is slave to the one on the DC(s). 
I would be configured to pull the public DNS information 
from an external forwarder (as from Google) and 
the internal information from *your DCs go here*. 
Then the line "forwarders{};" does inhibit, that internal 
requested are directed to the public DNS, which might 
resolve these to Your public servers, which serve 

I use this setup at home, where the DC is a slow Raspberry 
Pi. On the much faster file (a.k.a. member) server I 
operate the secondary DNS server with that snippet 

This may or my not be relevant to the OP... 
But at least I wanted to clarify the confusion. 

Best regards

Rowland Penny schrieb am 22.01.2015 11:09:

> zone "local.thisismycompany.com" {
>         type slave;
>         masters { *your DCs go here* };
>         file "/etc/bind/namedb/bak.local.thisismycompany.com";
>         forwarders{};
> };
> If you are setting up bind on the DC like that, you have a problem, you are not
> using DLZ.
> Rowland
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