[Samba] dns/ad domain provisioning and naming

Jeff Henze jeff at henze.us
Thu Jan 22 05:55:53 MST 2015

On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 4:29 AM, Peter Serbe <peter at serbe.ch> wrote:
> If the domain is set up as
> [global]
>     workgroup = LOCAL
>     realm = local.thisismycompany.com
> then the domain users would log in as local\flast.
> I am not sure, whether LOCAL makes up a good domain name...

Thanks for adding clarity Peter. I'm having trouble framing my
questions so maybe I might be able to better explain precisely what
I'm looking for here:

1) Assuming a legitimately registered ICANN domain name of
"thisismycompany.com", Would there be a conflict having the internal
domain's FQDN being structured as "*.thisismycompany.com" with a
workgroup of "myco" and a realm of "thisismycompany.com"?
2) Assuming that first question is "yes", would end users then sign in
as username at thisismycompany.com -and/or- myco\username ?

> zone "local.thisismycompany.com" {
>         type slave;
>         masters { *your DCs go here* };
>         file "/etc/bind/namedb/bak.local.thisismycompany.com";
>         forwarders{};

Excellent - thanks for the bind tip.


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