[Samba] upgrade eDir NW6.5 -> Samba 3 -> Samba 4

Sven Giermann giermann at funke.de
Thu Jan 22 02:06:44 MST 2015

Hi all,

I do have a question to Andrews statement...
> You might be able to instead upgrade your Novell domain into Samba 4.0's
> AD DC, if it currently backs a Samba 3.x 'classic' domain (or can be
> made to), [...]
I'm a little confused. I am probably able to run a Samba3 acting as a 
PDC with my eDir users (http://wiki.novell.com/index.php/OES_as_PDC). 
Does it mean I have to use this Samba3 server as a source to upgrade to 
But after that, I won't be able to have an LDAP source as auth service, 

Are these facts still true, or did something change in the meantime?

I'm currently thinking about the future of our NW6.5 servers and came 
across some guide to at least have Samba3 auth against eDirectory. My 
current idea is to keep the eDirectory running for auth and maybe 
printing services (iPrint), but to set up new servers with Samba...
I wouldn't really need PDC or AD functionality at the moment, but it 
would be great to have AD like services in the future. I fear, that 
Windows 2008/2012 servers wouldn't connect to NT4 style Samba3 shares, 
right? And I'm not sure whether Windows 7 (or upcoming 10) workstations do.


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