[Samba] question about installing samba and writing VFS module...

Ed Sutter edsutterjr at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 08:05:15 MST 2015

I'm new to Samba.  My goal is to write a VFS module.
I've been able to do this somewhat successfully; however there must be a better way...

On my first attempt at this, I just installed samba using apt-get and configured
the system to be a samba server (this worked just fine).

Then, since I wanna build a VFS module, I'm assuming I need to build everything from
source, create my module (derived from one of the examples) and then install

So, I downloaded the latest tarball (at the time that was samba-4.1.14), unpacked
it and did "./configure, make & sudo make install".  This appears to install binaries
to /usr/local/samba, but does not affect the runtime samba which was pulled in by
apt-get initially.
I ended up manually coping all of /usr/local/samba/bin to /usr/bin and /usr/sbin.
I also had to hack /etc/init.d/smbd and /etc/init.d/nmbd to ignore upstart.
I was also able to rebuild the full_audit VFS example (with a slight modification)
and verify that it was working.

Yea, major hack.  So now I start over with a few questions...

1. I assume if I'm modifying a VFS module, I need to build everything and install
from source right?
2. What does "make install" do for me?  It doesn't appear to do an install that then
runs on my next system startup.

Thanks for any help/advice.

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