[Samba] Restore from broken ext4

Axel Kittenberger axkibe at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 07:27:30 MST 2015


I'm using a Rasperry:Pi as Samba4 DC for a small computer lab (9 clients).
Unfortunally I just had a crash with a broken ext4 filesystem. However, I
got a full image of the SD card just after I finished installation and
connected all domain clients a few days ago. I can simply dd that over a
new SD card and be running again.

However, that image has not all the users I created since then!

I installed Samba4 to /usr/local/samba. /usr/local/samba/etc,
/usr/local/samba/private and /usr/local/samba/var directories seem to be
intact, I can create a tar of these without the filesystem complaining (I
know its not 100% certain the data behind is good, but it looks good so

Now, can I restore the image from a few days back and copy the created user
auth data from that directories? I cannot run samba_backup on the system
samba was build on, since it won't boot. But I can run it on my notebook,
same samba version, however that one got a different CPU-

Could a simple restore of those directories over the old image work? tar
complains alot of ignored sockets tough.

I really do not want to force the users to recreate new users due to the SD
card crash.

Kind regards, Axel

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