[Samba] Administrators SID is invalid.

Carlo mail.list.it at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 04:18:58 MST 2015

Il 20/01/15 10:49, Rowland Penny ha scritto:
> On 20/01/15 09:42, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>> Reverting to the built-in winbind should be a last-resort choice, as that 
>> code will soon go away.
> I only suggested changing winbind as a test, if what he was doing didn't work 
> and just changing 'winbindd' to 'winbind' made it work, then 'winbindd' would 
> probably have been where the fault lied.
> However, as my own tests have proved, the fault is *not* in 'winbindd', I 
> believe it was in the lack of settings to use it.
This was the (my first) report bug

I hope all needed information is here

thanks again to all for support


> Rowland

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